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Success Stories

How to Reduce Melt and Foster Sense of Belonging

On November 9th, Mentor Collective convened leadership from Nazareth College to discuss how mentorship has contributed...

Summer Melt

The Impact of Peer Mentorship on College Enrollment

Mentor Collective's latest research finds significant connections between peer mentorship and melt propensity. Read the...

Success Stories

Students Supporting Students Through Mentorship

On October 27, 2021, Mentor Collective welcomed members of University of Michigan-Flint's (UMF) Student Affairs team to...

Summer Melt

Why Reducing Summer Melt is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Issue

Since summer melt disproportionately affects students from marginalized backgrounds, slowing or stopping the phenomenon...

Press Release

IU Ventures Honors Mentor Collective CEO and Co-Founder with Inaugural Spirit of Venture Award

IU Ventures has presented Mentor Collective CEO and Co-Founder Jackson Boyer with the inaugural Spirit of Venture Award.

Student Success

What's in a Name? Renaming and Reframing Mentorship for Latinx Mentees

In this interview with Mentor Collective's Ivett Delgado, we discuss many meanings of mentorship - and how to frame it...