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Mentor Collective raises $3M, led by Lumina Foundation

Mentor Collective announces $3M in new funding from Lumina Foundation, IU Philanthropic Ventures, Strada Education...


Increase Graduate Student Success with Mentorship

The University of San Diego launches mentorship to prepare graduate students for success in their careers and life...

Summer Melt

Stop Summer Melt at Your School

Learn how two very different schools both used mentorships to make very real connections for their students and reduce...

Partner Spotlight

Partner Spotlight: Dr. Tom La Porta

EECS, a school within the College of Engineering at PSU, is piloting a scalable mentorship model aimed at improving the...

Success Stories

Student Story: Brian Huether

Brian Heuther is a mentor in the Berklee Online Mentor Collective. Hear about his experience supporting incoming,...

Student Success

Increase Job Success for Today's Students

According to the Gallup-Purdue Index, just one in four students agree that they have a mentor who encourages them to...

Partner Spotlight

Introducing: Partner Spotlights

We’re pleased to announce the Mentor Collective Partner Spotlight program, aimed at shining a light on the awesome...

Partner Spotlight

Partner Spotlight: Susanna Jones

The College of Health and Social Sciences (CHSS) at San Francisco State University comprises a wide range of...

Arts & Sciences

Mentorship + The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

Learn how 3 colleges are using mentorship to engage Liberal Arts students in understanding the value of their degree.

Student Success

MC Spring 2019 Scholarship Spotlight: Sandy Vang

For the first time in its history, Mentor Collective has offered a scholarship competition to undergraduate students...

Partner Spotlight

Indiana University is Using Mentorship to Empower Women in Technology

Learn how Michelle Bartley-Taylor, the Assistant Director at CEW&T at Indiana University used mentorship as a strategy...

Student Success

MC Spring 2019 Scholarship Spotlight: Noah Schwartz

For the first time in its history, Mentor Collective has offered a scholarship competition to undergraduate students...


How 3 Colleges Increased Student Sense of Belonging

Mentorship programs at engineering schools saw double the engagement with URMs and women and an 8.2% increase in sense...

First Generation Students

Attending the 2019 FGLI Consortium

As an organization pioneering leadership, expertise, and resources around the experience of first-generation and/or...


5 Tips for Improving Mentorship

5 tips for improving your mentorship program and ultimately, it will leave you thinking about how viable it may be to...

Higher Education

Support D&I with Mentorship

When higher education institutions are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence, everyone benefits:...

Transformative Mentorship

Prioritize Mentorship to Improve Retention

4 Steps to Improving Your Retention Strategy with Peer-Mentorship

2018: A Year in Review

As we celebrated our 4th year as a company, we took a moment to reflect on what a great year we’ve had with our...

Underrepresented Students

Close the Opportunity Gap in STEM

How do we increase the number of mentors available to underrepresented minorities studying STEM? In this week's post,...

Underrepresented Students

Relevant Mentors Matter for Underrepresented Students in STEM

STEM education is increasingly important in our educational landscape, and yet all students are not benefiting from its...

Indiana University

Welcome, Mentor Collective!

Shearwater is now Mentor Collective! We are renewing our laser-focus on helping every student connect with a meaningful...

Adult Education

4 Steps to Drive Adult/Online Learner Success

Want your adult and online learners to be more successful? Here are four questions every administrator must answer to...


A preview of the June 26th online event highlighting the learning experiences of online and adult students

Indiana University

Lunch & Learn at Indiana University

Mentor Collective took to the road to visit Indiana University, Bloomington, a trip that is always uniquely special. In...

Online Education

Personalized Support for Adult/Online Learners

Mentor Collective teamed up with Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies (CPS) for “Scaling...

Partner Spotlight

Lehigh University is Using Peer Mentorship to Increase Student Success

A conversation with Lehigh University's George White about how peer mentorship enhances the experience of all the...


Student Stories: Borja & Amanda

Penn State's Borja and Amanda get the spotlight this week, sharing the highlights and details of their mentor...

Graduate Education

Supporting Graduate Student Success at Tufts and Northeastern

Jody Nyquist's research is applied to mentorship experiences at Northeastern University and Tufts University in our...

Adult Education

Student Story: Charles & Melissa

This post shines a light on the mentorship relationship between Charles and Melissa at Northeastern University's...


The Mentoring Movement

Mentorship: History and Applications