How three colleges increased student sense of belonging through mentorship

Provide a mentor to every first-year student. A growing number of studies have found that students’ sense of belonging is linked to a number of outcomes, including their persistence in college and...
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5 Tips for Improving Mentorship Programs

Before you start thinking about how mentorship programs are expensive, require a large time commitment, and are impossible to implement at your university, take a step back and first consider the...
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Higher Education

How Mentorship Positively Affects Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence

When higher education institutions are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence, everyone benefits: faculty, staff, and most importantly, students. In a study conducted by the ...
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Transformative Mentorship

4 Steps to Improving Your Retention Strategy with Peer-Mentorship

In our recent webinar, “Prioritizing Peer Mentorship in Your Retention Strategy” Mentor Collective Co-founder and CEO, Jackson Boyar, sat down with Aaron Aure, Executive Director for Retention and...
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Announcing Mentor Collective’s 2018 Year in Review

      As we celebrated our 4th year as a company, we took a moment to reflect on what a great year we’ve had with our partners, mentors and students.
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