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Webinar Learning Objectives:

  • Help your students thrive in the “new normal” of college life this fall through virtual or in-person mentorship relationships
  • Increase retention and reduce melt by utilizing and maximizing existing resources - your peer and alumni community
  • Discover how mentorship can strengthen the personal connections that are a hallmark of the college experience


Dr. Jenna Harmon Jackson Boyar

Dr. Jenna Harmon
Mentorship Research Lead
Mentor Collective

Jackson Boyar
Co-founder and CEO
Mentor Collective


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“Amidst the displacement that COVID-19 crisis created, EMU's Mentor Collective program has been one of the few supports that required no change. We had a culture of mentorship in place when the crisis occurred so the student/peer mentor relationship seamlessly continued. It's about shared experiences, not location."
Dr. Michael Tew
Associate Provost & Associate Vice President for Academic Programming and Services
Eastern Michigan University