We’re pleased to announce the Mentor Collective Partner Spotlight program, aimed at shining a light on the awesome people who partner with us and help run mentorship programs. Each of our programs is unique, just like the students they serve and we want to showcase the thoughtfulness and success that goes into each of those programs!

How does it work?

Every month on our blog, we’re going to announce a new Partner spotlight, during which time that Partner will receive not only a shout out in Mentor Collective’s newsletter, but an official mention on our LinkedIn.

Here’s an example of what a spotlight post looks like using San Francisco State, our very first Mentor Collective Partner Spotlight pick.

San Francisco State University

I’m a Partner — how do I get featured?

With over a hundred Mentor Collective programs, we will be hard at work identifying exciting programs and rising stars whose hard work demonstrates the impact of mentorship. Our Partner Success team looks at information like student populations, program design, engagement, and a bunch of other behind the scenes stats before making their recommendation. If you are interested and want to highlight a recent success or something unique about your program, please let your Partner Success Manager know.

I’m not a Mentor Collective Partner — what does this mean for me?

Our hope is that this is not only a beneficial program for our current partners — who are doing such great work serving their students — but to all administrators, who are passionate about student success and may find an amazing, innovative initiative they never would have considered otherwise. So keep your eye out for the “Partner Spotlight” posts when you visit Mentor Collective and you may just find a new and inspiring mentorship program!


Interested in being featured or have questions on our current mentorship programs?→ Let's chat!