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Our Head of Partner Success, Polly Goss, and our CEO, Jackson Boyar sat down on February 7 to find out how our team has delivered some of the most inventive mentorship programs in the country.


After launching over 100, scaled mentorship programs, serving FYE, online, graduate, adult and international students, we are confident in what makes a large-scale, effective mentorship program. Learn about our comprehensive services, including program design and management, mentor recruitment and training, the latest in mentorship research, student engagement, assessment and more.


We chatted about:

  • Strategies to run large-scale mentorship programs that impact retention and student satisfaction, based on MC programs at 50+ institutions
  • Insights on engaging students, peers and alumni-mentors in mentorship
  • The nuts and bolts of Mentor Collective programs and how to realize the full potential of mentorship
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