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The Power of Peers

How Peer Mentorship Helps First-Generation Students Navigate the Hidden Curriculum of College 

34,000 text message exchanges and counting...

Building authentic connections in virtual environments is hard—but the University of California, Riverside's (UCR) multi-faceted approach to providing their students a sense of ‘after class’ conversations during a pandemic has proven to be successful. 

Join us to learn how UCR built one of the largest peer mentorship programs in the country and dive into the innovative strategies their leaders implemented to personally connect with first-generation students, which make up 58% of their student population. 

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Thomas Dickson Ed.D.

Assistant Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education

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  • Explore the resources UCR provided their students to ensure engagement within their peer mentorship program
  • Learn how psychology best practices influenced UCR's student engagement strategies  
  • Understand the true value social interaction plays in fulfilling the promise of the college experience
  • Ask questions about peer mentorship you've always wanted answered

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