Webinar #8 - 2_7 (1)

Montclair State University: Peer Mentorship to Complement & Expand Advising

Learn how Montclair's College of Humanities and Social Sciences is using peer mentorship to provide proactive support, expand advising capacity, and increase student success.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) welcomes 700+ first-year students each year. With over 200 students per student advisor, student services is at capacity. Additionally, Montclair’s students are largely commuter, which can make connecting with an advisor on-campus a challenge.

CHSS' Dean Robert Friedman, Assistant Dean of Student Services, Courtney Cunningham, and Acting Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Leslie Wilson sat down on February 28 to chat with Mentor Collective's Co-Founder and CEO, Jackson Boyar about how partnering with Mentor Collective to support each student with a peer mentor has helped advisors connect with their students when it matters most.

Rob, Courtney, Leslie, and Jackson discussed:

  • How CHSS runs a mentorship program for 250+ students without hiring additional staff
  • How mentorship compares to alternative intervention strategies
  • How mentorship has expanded CHSS' advising team capacity through risk flags
  • How mentorship is lowering the rate of students on academic probation

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