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Student Success

Fall 2020 and the Cost of Lost Social Connections

Digging into two recent surveys shows a common thread to what is driving student worry and uncertainty -- namely, the...


When Strategy and Crisis Collide

Mentor Collective and the University of Colorado, Denver hosted a virtual roundtable bringing together over 50 senior...


3 Strategies for More Inclusive Student Support

Summary of key strategies for higher education institutions to make their students support strategies more inclusive.

Higher Education in a COVID-19 World

It is now more critical than ever that socially distanced students have a relevant and engaged support network.

Partner Spotlight

Retention and Relationships at EMU

Summary of key takeaways from a webinar focused on the outstanding retention outcomes from peer mentorship at EMU, as...

Physical, Not Social Distancing

Relationships are more important than ever. During a time of widespread social distancing, institutions must not let...