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Partner Spotlight

Indiana University is Using Mentorship to Empower Women in Technology

Learn how Michelle Bartley-Taylor, the Assistant Director at CEW&T at Indiana University used mentorship as a strategy...

Student Success

MC Spring 2019 Scholarship Spotlight: Noah Schwartz

For the first time in its history, Mentor Collective has offered a scholarship competition to undergraduate students...


How 3 Colleges Increased Student Sense of Belonging

Mentorship programs at engineering schools saw double the engagement with URMs and women and an 8.2% increase in sense...

First Generation Students

Attending the 2019 FGLI Consortium

As an organization pioneering leadership, expertise, and resources around the experience of first-generation and/or...


5 Tips for Improving Mentorship

5 tips for improving your mentorship program and ultimately, it will leave you thinking about how viable it may be to...

Higher Education

Support D&I with Mentorship

When higher education institutions are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence, everyone benefits:...