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Admissions & Enrollment

What Can Admissions Offices Expect for Virtual Recruitment in 2021-22?

Students are accustomed to -- and maybe a little fatigued by -- virtual offerings at this point, the beginning of the...

Success Stories

Creating a Culture of Student Success

Mentor Collective welcomed members of GGC’s Student Engagement and Success (SES) Department to discuss this important...

Graduate Education

5 Ways Alumni Mentorship Supports Graduate Student Success

Our Career Readiness Programs are ready to facilitate meaningful connections between graduate scholars and alumni.


Relationships, Not Profiles

See how St. John’s University went from an impersonal alumni networking software to impactful relationships that...


The Road Ahead: Turning a Crisis into a Catalyst for Transformative Change

Watch the virtual roundtable discussion with leaders from Florida institutions to understand how they stand ready to...

Product Updates

Supporting Mentors through Instructional Design

Our updated First-Year Experience (FYE) Mentor Training Curriculum is rooted in Bloom’s Taxonomy and best practices in...