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Transformative Mentorship

The Impact of Mentorship During a Pandemic

Students' perspectives on the impact of having a mentor in college during COVID-19

Expert Insights

A Fall Full of Uncertainty

Takeaways from Mentor Collective Webinar with Penn State and UNC Charlotte about higher education and student success...

Partner Spotlight

Preparing Students for Online Education in Fall 2020

Strategies to prepare students for online education and a virtual college experience from higher education leaders

Product Updates

August 2020 Product Updates

In the month of July, Mentor Collective’s product theme has been to preserve and deepen a sense of community during...


Student Engagement in Fall 2020 and Beyond

Strategies to increase student engagement and student success during COVID-19 from the Mentor Collective Roundtable...


What is Mentorship?

The importance of mentorship as a high impact practice for supporting the emotional and educational wellbeing of...