Growing Peer Mentorship Engagement for Persistence and Retention

On-Demand Webinar with University of California, Riverside


When it comes to proving the efficacy of peer mentorship for first-year and transfer students, University of California, Riverside’s Assistant Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education, Dr. Thomas Dickson believes any level of mentoring can improve student success outcomes.

He has the data to support it. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to recap Dr. Dickson’s findings from the pilot year and ongoing data from the second year of the Campus Collective peer mentorship program.

Meet The Panelists:

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Watch this On-Demand Partner Spotlight to: 

  • Learn how the Campus Collective program scaled from 1,500+ mentorships in its pilot year to 3,000+ mentorships in year two.

  • Learn how first-year and transfer students with a mentor were more likely to retain than their non-mentored peers.

    • First-year students were 1.3% - 2.1% more likely to retain than their non-mentored peers between Winter 2021 (January) and Fall 2021 (September). 
    • Transfer students were 4.1% - 5.0% more likely to retain than their non-mentored peers between Spring 2021 and Fall 2021. 
  • Explore the significant relationship between number of logged mentorship conversations and term-to-term persistence.
  • Explore how Mentor Collective’s early-alert Flag system allows UCR administrators to support timely student challenges in the short-term and inform long-term campus wide decisions.

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