How to Customized the Student Experience Through Peer Mentorship


Lehigh Engineering: How to Customize the Student Experience Through Peer Mentorship

To successfully navigate a degree in engineering, schools are asking students to think and grow in new and challenging ways. But are schools doing enough—and enough of the right things—to create a sense of community in which all students can be successful at their institution 

Join Lehigh University's P.C. Rossin College of Engineering & Applied Science and Mentor Collective on Thursday, May 16 @ 11am ET for a thought-forward conversation about mass-customization of student support through peer mentorship. 

You’ll come away from this discussion with a better understanding of:

  • Why mentorship is a High-Impact Practice (HIP) that should be a strategic pillar at every school
  • How Lehigh Engineering runs a mentorship program for 600+ students without hiring additional staff
  • The impact mentorship is having on the student experience

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