CU Denver: Decrease Melt in Arts & Sciences with Mentorship

Research shows that fewer graduates are majoring in liberal arts now versus ten years ago. Whether this decline reflects student concerns about employability or interest in other fields, the declining enrollment in these fields is unmistakable.

While many liberal arts institutions agree, they have yet to solve the problem—many are trying new strategies to move the needle on student enrollment and retention. According to CU Denver's College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, mentorship could be the answer.

Join CLAS' Dean, Pamela Jansma and Associate Dean of Student Success, Sarah Fields on Thursday, June 13 @ 2pm ET for a real example of mentorship as a strategic pillar that works. You’ll hear why traditional student support structures cannot keep pace with today’s students’ needs, and how growing mentorship is required to cost-effectively reduce melt.

You’ll come away from this webinar with a better understanding of:

  • Why Mentorship is a High-Impact Practice (HIP) that should be a strategic pillar at every school
  • How CU Denver CLAS runs a mentorship program for 600+ students without hiring additional staff
  • The impact mentorship is having on reducing melt for CLAS' FYE and transfer students


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