Peer & Alumni Mentorship for Every Student Type

According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, colleges are under increasing pressure to “do more with less,” and to use “reliable, powerful, available, and cheap” strategies to help more students succeed at school. 

While the majority of institutions have yet to find the ultimate solution—many are discovering that mentorship may be the key to moving the needle on important metrics without breaking the bank. At its heart, higher education is about its people, and helping them find—and care about—one another. Mentorship programs can make that a reality for every student.

Join leaders from Eastern Michigan University, Indiana University, and Berklee Online on Wednesday, July 24 at 12pm ET for a panel discussion on how each institution is using mentorship as a strategic pillar to support their students.

You’ll come away from this webinar with an understanding of:

  • Different mentorship models to support online, first-generation, and career-focused student populations
  • The benefits of offering students “formal relationships” including social-emotional support, feeling heard, and community engagement
  • Why peer & alumni mentorship is the most economic, High-Impact practice universities can use to meet the needs of today’s diverse students



Jackson Boyar Calvin McFarland Chris Kinney Doug Goldstein

Jackson Boyar
CEO & Co-Founder
Mentor Collective

Calvin McFarland
Assistant Vice President of Academic Services
Eastern Michigan University

Chris Kinney
Senior Academic Advising Manager
Berklee Online

Doug Goldstein
Assistant Dean for Planning and Growth
Indiana University Bloomington

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